Covid-19 Office Safety Information

To ensure the utmost safety of our patients and staff the following measures are being implemented into our current strict infection control standards:

·         Telephone screening will be performed before patients are seen and family members or friends coming with them are asked to stay outside the office unless absolutely necessary.

·         Patients will be asked to wash or disinfect their hands upon entering the office while still being masked until entering the operatory.

·         Patients temperatures will be taken prior to seeing the doctor. Likewise, the staff will have their temperatures taken on a daily basis as the safety of our patients, staff, and doctors is our utmost priority.

·         Once entering the operatory, patients will be asked to rinse with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution.

·         Staff will maintain full contact and respiratory precautions by using gloves, gowns, and mask and face shields.

·         We are doing our best to space each patient’s appointment apart to maintain social distancing. Such scheduling will allow us to have enough time to disinfect treatment rooms thoroughly after each patient.

We are committed to go above and beyond what is necessary to create a safe environment.